2 Weeks into New Treatment #54

It has officially been 2 weeks since I started Ibrance, my oral targeted therapy and my Zoladex and Faslodex shots. I would have to say the biggest side effects I have been experiencing are fatigue, no energy, nausea and bleeding gums. I’ve been sleeping a lot again. I recently had a mouth sore but that didn’t last long and my cell counts have taken a serious nose dive in the last five days. My whites went from 4.5 to a 1.4, my neutrophila ( ANC – the immune system cells) was a 3.5 now a 1.2 and platelets (red cells that help in blood clotting) dropped from a 208 to a 143. I’m also not hungry, like at all, which makes it very difficult to follow my Breast Cancer 2 Bikini’s menu (B2B). But so far it hasn’t been unmanageable. My favorite is using my Doterra toothpaste in the morning with my water pick, feels like a massage for my gums! HAHA!

I have been very diligent in my daily lymphedema massage (manual lymph drainage). It has really helped! Also, I have an appointment with my Radiation Oncologist (The Nuker) next week. I am speaking with her about possible radiation to the large lesion in my lower spine causing so much pain. It has been affecting my QOL so much that simply getting out of bed hurts. I haven’t been able to participate as much as I’ve wanted in the excercise program for B2B and I’ve been forced to increased my pain meds. I’m hoping radiation (XRT) will help. While I’m not looking forward to being on chemo AND radiation at the same time I hope I can be back into the swing of my busy life, balancing cancer treatment and having fun again by mid -March.

I hade those shots again today. UGH! The Faslodex ones in my thighs. My friend Barbara wa there holding my hand. I took a pain pill and 2 anxiety meds prior so I was a little loopy but still cried when that needle hit my skin and pushed down into my thigh muscle.

I’m just home relaxing now with a heating pad on my thighs and having my favorite Sleepy Time Jasmine Tea 🙂

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