A Few More Days….. #27

I had my monthly appointment with The Blood Guy on Wednesday July 9th. My feet have officially reached a Grade 3 in terms of the hand-foot-syndrome. On the bottoms of my feet, the skin simply peels off. It doesn’t really hurt, that part, but the skin underneath is super sensitive and raw and I have a couple open sores. Walking is very difficult. Thankfully I followed his reccomendation to get handicap placards from the DMV. Those few extra parking spaces saves some wear and tear on my tootsies!  My hands are starting to crack in the creases of my joints but not too bad. I still soak my feet and hands nightly in my favorite epsom salt concoction (Dr.Teal’s Eucalyptus/Spearmint and Lavendar mixed, smells so good and relaxing), slather on Bag Balm or Aquaphor and wrap in white cotton socks and gloves.

Lately I’ve had a nightly fever. Nothing big, average 99.9. While that may not sound like a fever but for me anything above 100.4 and I have to pay a visit to the ER. The Blood Guy wrote that down and told me to just keep track of it and gently reminded me of the 100.4 threshold.  I continue to have a stupid cough. It’s a dry, non-productive hacking type of cough. It’s annoying and stupid is all I could tell him.  I smiled when reporting this and added that it didn’t hurt so I’m totally ok with it! He just grinned and we agreed that if there was a problem, like a cancery type problem, it will show up on PET/CT. My cell count is low but not too bad, a 3.6. It’s been lower so I’m happy about this too and The Blood Guy isn’t too concerned. I can tell because I remember when it was a .9 once back in 2011, my first chemo treatment and he almost put me in the hospital.  So even though normal white cell range is 5.0-10.0, I’ll take the 3.6 any day!

We scheduled my PET/CT for Tuesday at 8:00AM. I start that special pure protein diet on Monday and thankfully I’m off chemo for a bit to allow my feet to heal and I’m not taking as many pain meds so I won’t be as constipated as the times before. WOOHOO GOTTA LOVE THAT! We’ll chat later that day about the results and go from there in terms of treatment.

Jess went with me to bone treatment on Wednesday too. My kidneys look good through the  I-Stat blood test (checks my creatnine levels)  and 2 1/2 hours later I was done and a little wound up so I went to her house to meet her roomate’s new puppy, Copper. Miche’ got a Basset Hound Golden Retreiver mix and she is adorable. She was named after Copper from the Disney movie The Fox and The Hound. She is all paws and ears right now and so sweet! As expected I got tired real fast and went home to sleep for 12 hours.

So, that’s what I’ve done the past few days is sleep and take care of my feet. I had a medically necessary pedicure too. Even if the bottoms of my feet are falling off my toenails can still look fabulous!


“Make it Work.”  Tim Gunn