Busy weekend #18

I stopped my first cycle of chemotherpy on Friday May 2nd. So, Friday night I had dinner with the Rooster at his house. He  has a new back yard and I wanted to enjoy it with him.

It was early to bed because I wanted to see my nephew, Derek, play baseball the next morning. It was a 9:30 game and even though I woke up with a little nausea I made it there by 10:00. They lost by 3 points but they played well! Derek caught 2 flyballs and then followed through to 2nd base leading to those outs as well. He is an amazing player and I hope it takes him far!

A last minute decision to have my other nephew, Dylan, stay with me Saturday night led to a quick stop at Kohl’s for a Tony Hawk shirt and then the hat store at the outlet mall for a matching DC Comics hat. I’m so glad he stayed with me because I had dinner plans at my friends Jolie’s house. She has 2 boys also in the same age range and we have wanted the kids to meet for awhile. 8:30 rolled around and those kids were having so much fun Dylan didn’t want to leave! We got home and as soon as his head the pillow he was out haha! He asked me to clean his new shirt because he wanted to wear it the next day. It was filthy and I managed to muster enough energy to hand wash his shirt. He cracks me up when it comes to his clothes as his Auntie is the same way!

Sunday I attended the Runway For Life event. This event is put on by Lodo Loft and Labels. It raises money for Moms on the Run which is a local charity that helps women with financial support who are going through breast and ovarian cancer treatments. Last year, I was on the runway but this time I was in the audience enjoying myself just as much. It is a huge event and raises money for our community.



The weekend ended with Sunday Family dinner at The Hunsbergers and it was early to bed because since it was my week off chemo I was going to work!