Catching Up #20

It’s been a few days sinced I have posted anything. I’m sorry. I have been really tired. Been going to bed super early and passing out. I think this is a combination of the chemo and my Zometa Bone treatment from last Wednesday. I also saw The Blood Guy and we decided that I’d have my PET Scan last week of June. A lot is riding on this future scan….

I was out from work last Thursday and Friday. I woke up Thursday morning with a little fever and bone pain. Totally expected from the Zometa infusion. However the night of my Zometa treatment I was able to go to dinner with friends and I had a small glass of wine! Schneitman German Rose’ is one of my favorite summer wines and I look forward to it. So, Hunzy, Miche’, Oscar and I strolled the river walk and went to Bowl for dinner. I was nervous about sipping some wine. I enjoy it so much, pairing it with food and cheese and making memories. I was afraid it wouldn’t taste good as even water has a metal taste now. Well, it didn’t taste like metal but there was an aftertaste I don’t remember. Still a good time was had and after dinner I nose dived into exhaustion and was in bed by 8:30.

My last day of work for a few months was yesterday. I am officially on my medical leave and so thankful. I’m exhausted today even though I slept until 11:00 and my hands and feet hurt. 2 more days of chemo and then it’s my week off yaaay!