Chat with The Blood Guy On a Saturday Night #29

This is how AMAZING my medical team is:

Saturday night 9:30, I’m in my chair nursing a bite from a boat propeller. Earlier that day Hunsberger took us up to beautiful Lake Tahoe and we tootled around on his boat. We had parked it in a lagoon where even though it was 22 feet deep, you could still see the bottom. I love Lake Tahoe and my mountains!  Thunderstorms were popping up so we needed to get off the lake. Trying to pull myself onto the boat and quickly is absolutely hysterical right now. I have very little energy and barely any legitimate strength. In an effort to kick start my rear end my leg hit the propeller and now I have a 4X2 inch colorful bruise on my lower left leg. HAHAHA! Always an adventure!

Anyway, I’m in my chair dressed in white gloves and socks; I don’t even remember what I was watching and  The Blood Guy called. Yup, he called on a Saturday at 9:36 at night….. said he wanted to talk about my scan.


We first chatted about my propeller bite and of course he told me to watch it as my platelet count is still probably low even though I have been on a chemo-vacation.

The Blood Guy: I am VERRRRYYYYY pleased with your scan Shelby. There are no new metastatic lesions and FDG  uptake is not even measurable. Your L-3 lesion is sclerotic which means its healing!

Me: COOL! What about all of the other ones? Multiple lesions still present. What does that mean?

The Blood Guy: You have the report?

Me:  yup

The Blood Guy: Of course you do. (I can hear him smiiling through the phone). Your cancer’s response to this treatment was 50/50. Either it would work or not. I’m happy the lesions aren’t glowing on your report but was hoping they would be more sclerotic. You’ll need to contnue with the monthly bone treatments, monthly labs and daily chemo. How are your feet and hands?  Nausea? Need any prescriptions? In any pain?

Me: Better since I was able to take a chemo-vacation. Little nausea towards the end of the cycles, my tummy gets upset and I’m constipated. I’m good on prescriptions. Rib area grabs me every now and then but its not bad. I’m just tired and feel weak.

Blood Guy: Ok, next cycle take 2000mg a day for the first week, then 3000 mg a day for second week. If you can tolerate that maybe we can move back up to the 4000 mg a day and try 1 week on and 1 week off. We just have to get you taking the hightest dose possible for as long as your body can handle with little toxicity. Now is the tough part finding your special cocktail and then of course you’ll have a scan again in 3 months.

Me: ok but I’m confused. I thought our goal was to eliminate the lesions. Don’t get me wrong I’m super stoked there’s nothing new but I have learned not to get excited about scans and labs. “it’s probably simply scar tissue… a double mastectomy later, it’s just a broken rib…. Stage IV metatstatic disease later….. know what I mean.

Blood Guy: yes. You’ll always have lesions, we want them to be sclerotic not lytic. We want them to not glow on a scan and don want new ones.

Me: of course. Thanks for calling me on a Saturday night.

Bloof Guy: I’ll see you in August? Have fun in Iowa!

Me: yup! Thanks!