Chemo cycle number….. oh, whatever! #44

I started chemo right away. The Blood Guy and I discussed trying for a 3 week on, 1 week off cycle this time and decided it would totally be up to my ANC (absolute neutrophil count) And I was leaving for D.C. in 3 weeks. I had to make a deal with him that wouldn’t go ANYWHERE for at least a couple of months. Not until August when my cousin gets married and then D.C. again end of September.

I have been experiencing a stabbing pain in my left hip. It feels like an ice pick piercing through my left buttock. I’m taking anywhere from 4-6 Tramadol a day (my favorite non-narcotic pain med) and iif I have breakthrough pain, I’ll take an oxycodone. I’ve been stretching  and slowly working on the strength of that leg.

So, I finished this cycle in two weeks. The Blood Guy and I tried for a 3 week on cycle this time but my ANC was too low AND I was leaving for Washington D.C. the following week. Sweet, another week off chemo!