Finally the Plan…. #11

I wasn’t at Jennifer’s house 2 minutes before The Blood Guy’s office was calling wanting to know how the appointment went and what we were doing. They said they had received her note but that it was a pretty open ended consultation and I would hear from the Blood Guy Monday night or Tuesday. I was set up for an appointment with him. They also were setting me up with an infusion appointment just to get me on the books.

I spoke with The Blood Guy on Tuesday and he still wasn’t sure what I was starting but knew I was on the books at Renown Infusion Center for at least 6 hours. You need something to schedule and because we weren’t sure what I was starting they picked possible Taxol, Abraxane with Zometa. I didn’t want Taxol (part of the taxane family) . It didn’t work last time and felt I needed to get away from that family quickly (much like the families of boyfriends past! LOL). I was on board with Abraxane, while technically it is part of the taxane family, it is delivered and absorbed differently to the cancer cell. Think…. your 2nd cousins spouse. At 7:00 on Tuesday night, 04/15, I thought I was starting Abraxane with Zometa on Wednesday.

me: So, I’ll see you tomorrow?

The Blood Guy: You will?

me: Yes, at 9:30. Rhonda said I needed to see you and confirm.

The Blood Guy: Yup, ok. I don’ t know…..

me: What does that mean? You don’t know if I should see you tomorrow or if we want to do Abraxane? I’m confused.

The Blood Guy: no, I’ll see you tomorrow and I’ll figure out something tonight.

me: ok.

***** big sigh*****