Fun-Raiser on Saturday June 28th #25

Real quick, my amazing sister and bestie Hunsberger are planning a Fun-Raiser for me. It’s to help with my ever growing stack of medical bills. I hope those of you who can attend will!

Craft Flyer

I’m back from Washington D.C. I met with my elected officals and discussed medical debt and bankruptcy. 62% of insured americans will file bankruptcy due to medical debt. These bankruptcy preceedings follow the same rules as consumer debt. Medical debt is not a decision someone made, it’s forced upon them involuntarily. Senate Bill 2471 Medical Bankruptcy Fairness Act has the following highlights:

  • protects home equity up to $250k.
  • remove financial responsibility counseling. (If I have to file bankruptcy due to my medical debt, something I did not choose to have, and someone asked me what I could have done to prevent it…. I’ll deck ’em.)
  • If someone meets the criteria, they may qualify for a discharge of their school loans

HR1767 Medical Debt Responsibilty Act

  • Prohibits a consumer reporting agency from making a report containing information related to a fully paid or settled medical debt within 45 day.

HR2211  Accuracy in Reporting Medical Debt Act

  • If patients can provide proof to the collector that they are either contesting, working with the provider or insurance company  to resolve the account or have applied for financial assistance the collection agency is barred from reporting the debt to the 3 major reporting firms fro 120 days.

Several state elected officials signed up to be co-sponsors of the above bills and hopefully we can them assigned to the appropriate committees. It was a great trip despite my feet issues. I cabbed it everywhere but there is still some walking involved. They are totally wrecked and hope The Blood Guy will say I can stay off the chemo another week or at least lower my dose this cycle. I’ll keep you all posted!

PAF Hill Day sore feet