Good Things #9

Just a couple of very happy things that have happened in the last few weeks…

NPAF (National Patient Advocacy Foundation) has again invited me to Patient Congress June 17th-20th. I will represent Nevada in speaking with our congress men and women about cancer patient’s financial and research needs.  It is a huge honor! I really hope between work and treatment (and financially) I’ll be able to attend because I can’t think of a better statement to our lawmakers than a bald bad ass marching through the halls of congress representing cancer patients! 🙂

Another treat I am very excited about…… I’M GOING TO A QUEEN AND ADAM LAMBERT CONCERT!!!!! Courtesy of Hunsberger 🙂

I have loved Queen since I was little girl! My Unkie and his roommates, Johnny and Manny, forced to babysit me and Shauna and ‘We are the Champions’ blaring throughout the apartment. About 5 years ago, I was visiting Kristian in Long Island (a boyfriend) and his mom took us to her favorite hibachi restaurant. During dinner, the chefs liked to sing songs that aid in friendly competition between the tables pushing the guests to sing along. I sang, ‘We are the Champions’ word for word! No one else from the table knew the words, not the chef or even Kristian (who was the lead singer in band for 10 years)! I did and I thank my Unkie and Johnny and Manny for exposing me to Queen and the music of that decade!

While Adam Lambert cannot replace Freddie Mercury he is an amazing artist and exciting performer! Season 8 of American Idol was the best season because of him and I have not watched that show since. I have both of his albums, recorded Story Tellers and Unplugged and have managed to find a few hidden gems from many of his stage performances.

I am super excited about going to this show and Thank You my bestie! It will be a memory maker for sure!