Hitch in My Gitty-Up #39

During this agonizing time wondering if I had liver mets, I still have been dealing with significant pain in my left hip. I believe it has nothing to do with the newly discovered bone lesions as my hip MRI showed a very small soft tissue component with inflammation and bone rubbing. There was a time in my life I knew nothing about bone pain vs. mucle pain. Now, I’m an expert by experience.

Bone pain hurts all the time, even when your sitting with a heating pad and not moving. Muscle pain tends to only hurt when your body is in motion. My hip only causes sharp pain when in motion…. walking, lifting my leg forward ie. stairs and getting up from a sitting position. I have been able to add weight when bending down but the simple act of walking is very difficult. So I got a cane and I am super stooopid with it. I don’t get it. And since I have not been able to attend my rehab exercise class, I have started doing my own stretches at home.

After talking with The Blood Guy that Monday night, he referred me to an orthopedic surgeon. Not that I need surgery but to assess what type of physical therapy I need. But then insurance has to rear its ugly head again. Even today, I have yet to consult with an orthopedic specialist. No one accepts Medicaid FFS (fee for service). This is quite scary for many reasons.

But I am walking with little pain right now. Able to move my leg forward, almost sit indian style again (with a little help), steps don’t hurt as much and no more sharp pains when I rollover in bed. I really think I just had a severe hip flexor injury from falling in January.

My main focus is finding a long term chemo that doesn’t have severe side effects and will afford time. Yeah right huh. I’m determind to find something permanent instead of ‘pick one any one and see what happens’. I am a science nerd and will use that to my advantage!