Long Term Disability Update and Rick Springfield AGAIN! #37

Well……. Unum has upheld their decision to deny my Long Term Disabiity. I’m very disappointed as you can imagine. I can always meet with lawyers and go that route but I did speak with several before sending my paperwork and they all said it would be tough to get it overturned.

Hmmmmmm, well, I’ll figure it out. I have mailed a Reno Housing Authority Rental Voucher application to turn my home into a Section 8 house. My landlords are completely on board with that. A little savings there would help me tremoundsly.

More importantly, Me, Chrysee and Traci are going to see Rick again! This time in Napa, Ca for an acoustic set. I have 2 more albums to get autographed. Sooo excited!!!

One more thing, I have Nevada Lobby Day coming up March 18th. I’ll be hobbeling around meeting with my elected officials to discuss passing a Palliative Care Bill. This bill would authorize palliative treatment be covered by insurance. Palliative Care is not Hospice or End of Life care. I am on Palliative Treatment, we are treating the disease and considering my quality of life. Things like Acupuncture and a Naturopath would be covered. Wish me luck!