Lots of Things to Talk About #21

It’s been 10 days since I have posted on the blog. I have been a very busy girl, some good and some bad.

Let’s start with the good- I ended my 2nd cycle of chemo feeling pretty tired. My hands and feet hurt all of the time. I found that soaking my feet in Dr. Teal’s Eucalyptus and Spearmint Epsom Salt can perform miracles! So, I do this every night. I’d like to say a very special Thank You to Michelle Churchill, friend of my sisters, for giving me a spa foot soaker! It has truly helped and makes such an incredible difference managing the hand-foot syndrome. Thank you very much!

After being couped up in my house for days I tend to get cabin fever and real ancy. I needed a break and decided to visit Buckingham Palace (The Hunsberger’s Home) for a staycation for a few days.  It’s beautiful and quiet and there’s a tub to soak in! It was fun watching Mumsy play in her garden and pack for England. I am going with The Hunsbergers when they travel some day, we’ve made a pact to make it happen 🙂

My Dad, Craig and Brother Adam stained my front deck for me! It’s beautiful and makes such a difference 🙂 I hope I can get the lights up this week!


I also was able to catch up with some friends. We had lunch and dinner and I realized that everything goes back to tasting good for the the week I’m off chemo. YAAAY! My very good friend Jennifer gave me the best gift too. Years ago she got this purse and I desperatly wanted one. It’s professional looking and then turns into a nifty backpack. I’m thinking about my trip to D.C. and how a purse like this would be great but discovered they don’t make them anymore. Well, she found one on Ebay and gave it to me!! I love it and can’t wait to use it! Thank you my friend <3










Now the bad – My plan was to relax, dilly-dally before another cycle of chemo starts but then I recieved a letter from Unum, my short term disability carrier. Part of my employers benefit package is short and long term disability something I qualified for. I answered the health questions (in March 2013 one asked if I had been diagnosed with cancer within the past year, I said yes) and still qualified for both policies. The letter I recieved stated they had denied my short term disability claim because they considered Metastatic Disease a pre-existing condition. Naturally I flipped out and here’s why-

  • I was diagnosed NED (no evidence of disease) in November 2012, 6 months prior my policy effective date (May 1st 2013)
  • I was taking Tamoxifen daliy, a drug that is used to prevent disease recurrence not for treatment of active disease.
  • I can’t financially sustain being on medical leave if I have no paycheck coming in, which is why I signed up for the benefit in the first place. I told them I had been diagnosed with cancer in 2011 and completed treatment in August of 2012 and they still gave me a policy only to deny it when I need it most. They had no problem taking my $100 per paycheck for the last year and half and I’m furious!

So, the reason I haven’t been blogging as much is because I have been running around town collecting the office notes I don’t currently have in my chart preparing for a fight. I have documentation that shows I was NED and that Tamoxifen was used as a preventative measure in my case. I have found a study on Pub Med.com stating this and my oncologist said he’d sign a letter. I will be sending all of this by Tuesday next week. This is a picture of the paperwork that goes with fighting an appeal. Also icluded in this picture is my medical bills binder and FMLA/Disability applications binder.

WP_000716 (1)

My medical bills are really starting to pile up and with the possibility of not being approved for short term disability…well…I’m starting to get nervous about my finances instead of taking care of myself…    *big sigh*   So I wanted to say a very appreciative ThankYou to those friends and family members that have helped me financially through the Donate Button located on this blog. I assure you those funds are applied to my medical bills and Thank You for your continued support. I understand my sister and Hunsberger are planning a wine walk type of event to help out very soon so please keep a look out for that on the blog and Facebook!