Missed a couple things this year… #50

With all the excite during summer I missed a couple things…. I was overwhelmed with being sick so much and focusing on the anitibiotics and treatment I guess I just forgot.

In August, I went to Las Vegas for an American Cancer Society Strides Against Breast Cancer meeting. My very good friend Barbara went with me and we made a couple day vacation out of it! We stayed at the Red Rock Resort. It was beautiful and we really enjoyed the pool and the spa! On our last night Barbara and I went to see Rock of Ages at the Venetian! We had a wonderful dinner where I had fried Okra for the first time. Barbara has been to Vegas many times and she was a great tour guide. We loved the show! I have always wanted to see Rock of Ages! I love the movie and the show was just as good! We walked around the strip and saw the Bellagio Fountains. Stunning! I could sit there and watch those for hours. Before we flew home we went to Serendipity on the strip. Jeni and I tried to visit the home of the frozen hot chocolate while in NYC but just couldn’t make it happen. My friend Barbara is amazing! She is a fellow breast cancer survivor and truly a wonderful woman. I love spending time with her and not only am I so glad she was able to go to Vegas for a couple days but she even got our show tickets comped! And our rental car and rooms were free! It was a fabulous couple days even though I was on antibiotics for that stupid staph infection thing.

Bellagio Fountains

Bellagio Fountains

We're Ready to Rock!

We’re Ready To Rock!

Me and Barb hot chocloate

Frozen Hot Chocolate


Right after the Vegas trip, my sister and I went to my cousin Matt’s wedding. We drove to Southern California and stayed with my Uncle Danny and Aunt Gail. My other cousin’s DJ, Angie from Spokane and Jamie and her family were also there. We had sooooo much fun!

me, ryan and sis

Me, my cousin Ryan and my sister Shauna

Me and shauna at matta wedding funny hats

Fun dressing up at the party


Those crazy girls Shauna and Angie!

Those crazy girls Shauna and Angie!













So nothing really exciting has happened last couple of months. A few favorable highlights:

  • Breast Cancer to Bikinis Fitness Competition – I was asked along with 20 other breast cancer survivors to be apart of a fitness competition specifically designed for us. The goal is to help us accept our new bodies as they have changed dramatically from chemo, suregeries and radiation. It’s also going to be used as a platform for educating our community of the different types of breast cancer.
  • My 42 birthday was in November and I celebrated with a taco bar at the Rooster’s house. Lots of wine, hot tubbing and laughs were had. I had chemo the next day so I made sure to get really drunk! LOL
  • Thanksgiving was at my sister’s house. It was quiet as I had had my 3rd treatment of my 3 weeks ‘on’ and was exhausted. Dinner was delicious and crashed as soon as I got home and slept for 2 days.
  • First part of December I was super congested and almost had pneumonia but The Blood Guy wanted me to start antibiotics to catch it early.
  • In preparation for the fitness competition I’ve moved ahead with having a resting Echocardiogram and Stress Echo. This is to determine my shortness of breath I have been experiencing for quite some time. As it turns out my heart is working a little bit overtime primarily due to long term chemo and severe deconditioning. Nothing major is going on. Starting an intense excercise and nutritional program might be just what I need.
  • I had another ACS CAN meeting in Vegas. I extended my day to stay the night and visit with my friends Meg’s parents. They live in Henderson and it was beautiful! Really enjoyed catching up and visiting with them!
  • Christmas was at Shauna’s house with the boys for Christmas Eve. Again I had had my 3rd treatment of 3 weeks ‘on’ and was really tired but I managed. Around midnight I checked on them and “Auntie we can’t sleep cuz we’re so excited!” So, I took the boys for a walk around the comnplex. It was super cold and we had just gotten about 5 inches of fresh snow. It was a beautiful, clear night! It reminded me of when my mom had taken us for late night walks when we lived in Lake Tahoe 🙂 we got home and all passed out!

Happy New Year! I hope your 2015 was fabulous! While I had some amazing adventures I also had some signifigant set backs. I wouldn’t change any of it though and realize how lucky I am to have the support system I have. Thank you all for following me and sharing in my journey!