No Break for the Weary #56

Ain’t that the truth! Two whole months with no treatment break! UGH!

  • Radiation February 25th – March 2nd
  • Chemo February 29 – March 17th (it ended a few days early due to low cell count.)
  • Shots and Infusion March 24th (technically my week off chemo)
  • Radiation starts again Monday March 28th
  • Chemo April 4th – April 24th a lower dose this time with an additional week off cuz I’m getting radiation


I started radiation on February 25th. Within 5 days my low back was feeling so much better! I am so pleased the lesion responded well! One day during radiation while walking into the grocery store, I felt a sharp pain in my low groin area.  I immediatley tried to sit to down and learned that simply doing that movement was really painful. The Nuker did an emergency pelvic xray to rule out a fracture. Fortunately no fracture but something had happened to my Ischium.  That’s your butt bone. Along with your Ileum, its called the Pelvic Girdle and supports your bone frame and body structure. It also supports all of your weight while sitting. Long story short, I did something but not exactly sure what but it hurts BAD and I start radiation on that spot around March 28th.



My cell counts can’t sustain being on daily chemo for the 21 day cycle. I had a CBC (complete blood count) done yesterday and my ANC (absolute neutrophil count) was .8, my WBC (white blood cell) and my platelets were 100. really low. I also had mouthsores last week which are no fun. The Blood Guy gave me a Neupogen shot to bump my cell count in preparation for chemo and my shots next week.Other than being really tired, mouthsores and few other side effects Ibrance hasn’t been too bad. Let’s hope this drug can stabilize the cancer growth for a long time!

Yes, I have to get those shots next Thursday.  It is also time for my Zometa infusion. I think it really helps and I only get that every 3 months. I’m so not looking forward to the shots! I continue to do my daily lymphedema arm massage and fortunately it’s doing great.

On a fun note, I have used my Southwest  Airline points to go to Spokane in April and visit my family! I’m really looking forward to it as I miss them and I haven’t been anywhere since oysters last October. I think I deserve a break even though I get no break! Ha ha!