PET/CT Results…. Sort Of #28

I had my PET/CT Tuesday morning and that afternoon picked up my report. At first it looks good but lacks some important details. I’m still waiting to hear from my oncologist about it but thought I’d let everyone know what it says:


Head and neck: No adenopathy is identified. No suspicious focal FDG activity. There is symmetric FDG activity in the oropharynx and submandibular glands, likely physiologic.

Chest: No adenopathy is identified. Previously described mild activity in the media stinum and hilum is no longer appreciated. No activity is identified above the blood pool.

The port is in the subcutaneous tissues of the right hemithorax. The left pleural effusion has resolved.

Abdomen and pelvis: No adenopathy is identified. No abnormal FDG activity is identified.

Bones: Focal activity near the left anterior 9th rib (which is gone!) has almost completely resolved. MULTIPLE LYTIC LESIONS ARE AGAIN NOTED. The lytic lesion in the left L3 pedicle appears somewhat more sclerotic than on prior exam. FDG activity has resolved.

Result impression:

1. Positive response to therapy with resolution of FDG activity.

2. Nonspecific mild activity in the mediastinum and hilum has resolved.

3. Interval resolution of left pleural effusion.

It looks good, I think, but I’m frustrated because there are no details about where the lytic lesions are still. What happend to the big T-10 lesion? My hip lesion? no more positive lymphnodes? How big are the multiple lytic lesions? I thought my chemo plan in the beginning was to shrink the lesions. I understand the FDG activity is gone, which is really good. Maybe you can have lytic lesions with no cancer in them….? but that doesn’t make sense because the cancer caused the lesions in the first place. I just have a lot of questions as multiple lesions are again noted……

I did confirm the radiologist who read this scan is the same person who read my 04/08 scan. Maybe she just touched on the highlights since she read the April scan. Regardless it’s still unacceptable. I have called The Blood Guy only to find out he’s out of the office until Monday. I’m hoping he has asked for more information in the meantime.

So, YAAAY on the FDG activity being gone! And my pleural effusion too!


“Everything is going to work out just fine. Probably.”  -Knock Knock