Rick Springfield #23

The 3 best Rick Springfield stories ever!

I was in 2nd grade when I started watching General Hospital and developed my first crush. I remember watching the Luke and Laura wedding but more importantly looked forward to scenes with Dr. Noah Drake. Jessie’s Girl was recently released on the air waves and the album Working Class Dog was all I listened to!

At the time, we lived in Kings Beach, Ca. A cozy tourist town nestled on the north end of Lake Tahoe. I loved living there and am very fortunate to call Lake Tahoe my home. My long-time friends Jasmine, her sister Lisa, Shauna and I were skiers in the winter and during the summer months would often stage swimming races from our rocks on Moon Dunes Beach to the buoys and back. I remember I had a Walkman and would listen to my Rick tapes any time my sister and I rode our bikes to the 7-11, to school to play on the bars or to Grammies’s house. This was one of the best times in my life!

In early 1984 Rick Springfield was in a movie call Hard to Hold. Mom asked if I wanted to go and, “Duuuh Mom, like totally!”

Mom let my friend Rachel stay the night and she took us to the big theatre in Tahoe City. They had more than one movie screen and was much better than the rinky-dink theatre in Kings Beach. She surprised us with McDonald’s before the movie. It was the only one on the north shore 15 miles from Kings Beach and it was always a big deal to go to McDonald’s!

I remember being so excited I couldn’t sit still! I was also excited because it was mom and me and my little sister was not included (she was 8 and could have care less about Rick). This was a special night!

I loved the movie! Didn’t really get it…. but I saw Rick Springfield’s butt! HAHA! I was bouncing off the walls! On our way to the car I remember begging Mom for money so I could get the movie soundtrack only to learn in 3 short minutes she already had bought it for me! It was in the tape deck of the car all this time! I remember I started crying happy, elated tears! Mom took me to see my favorite singer’s movie, we had dinner at McDonald’s and then surprised me with the soundtrack! One of the best memories ever!

Fast forward to 2005 -I have seen Rick Springfield in concert only a couple of times by this point. I have also met many people, friends who claim they love him as much if not more than I do. Riiiight….  Then I met Chrysee Peete. We quickly became the best of friends. She has loved Rick as long as I have and she knows every word to all of his songs too. In June of 2005, we bought tickets to see him at Harrah’s in South Lake Tahoe (this was our 2nd Rick Springfield show together). There was a group of us girls going including Tracy another Rick fan. I took my Working Class Dog vinyl hoping I could somehow get it autographed. This is the same vinyl I played endlessly in the 80’s. I stood on my chair, waving my record, singing and dancing! At the end of the show, this guy approached me asking about my record. I explained it was original to me and yes, I was an uber fan! He said, “I’m a VIP here and have back stage passes, you have to get that signed.”

So I did! I went with him, got it signed, met Rick Springfield AND had my picture taken with him!!!!

me and rick 2005
















After 2005, Chrysee, Tracy and I walked separate paths in our lives. We never really lost touch, always able to find each other but life happens. One of the greatest things about our relationship is we can pick up where we left off, even if it was several years ago.

So, in February 2014 I get this text from Chrysee. She and Tracy are going to see Rick in June and they want me to go with them. He was in Reno, October 2013 and I tried to go then but was dealing with a broken rib. I have one album. Success Hasn’t Spolied Me Yet, still to get autographed and I remember watching Hard to Hold that night in October and crying because I wasn’t able to join my friends.


I was nervous about going as this trip was in the middle of my 3rd chemo cycle and I have really been feeling the side effects. My body can’t decide if she wants to be constipated or have diarrhea. Our hands and feet burn and feel raw as if the skin is gone. It hurts to walk let alone stand for hours but I was not missing this show with my friends!

Our road trip over the hill to Lincoln, CA. we strategized on how we were gonna get my vinyl signed. We had lots of ideas ranging from rushing the stage to simply walking back stage like we own the place. None of which needed to happen and here’s why…

We got to the outdoor venue, Thunder Valley Resort. It’s similar to Harvey’s at South Lake Tahoe. The line-up was Eddie Money, Loverboy and Rick Springfield headlining. Once in the venue we needed cocktails! I shouldn’t have alcohol right now and it really doesn’t taste good anyway but who cares – I’m at a Rick Springfield concert and partake in an adult beverage! 🙂

After the bar line we hit the merchandise table. Tracy and Chrysee picking out their t-shirts and I’m bouncing up n’ down under a tent off to the side. I’m not paying one bit of attention to anyone but me and people watching and dancing to Eddie Money. A few minutes into singing “Two Tickets to Paradise” and Chrysee screams at me that I’m going back stage! WHAT?!?! How did that happen? And then this very nice gentleman hands me a back stage pass and says, “Here ya go young lady.”

Just like that! I start crying and thanking him and his beautiful wife still not sure how this happened. I show them my vinyl and hug them and just can’t believe I get to go back stage! They tell me where to meet them after the show; the girls and I migrate back to the tent and begin telling me how this happened. Chrysee and Tracy were explaining everything when T-Bone walks up and hands them 2 more back stage passes and says we are all going! SERIOUSLY THIS HAPPENED! Oh and there’s a guitar that comes with it! All of us girls start crying including Michelle, T-Bone’s wife. Who does that? Who buys back stage passes and a guitar for complete strangers? This amazing couple does and we can’t thank them enough! They have no idea what they have done and how their generosity has just added more specialness to this already special road trip! I’m crying happy tears as I’m telling this story…. People like this make the world a nicer place.

We get to our seats and all three of us are stunned and at times speechless. We get to see Rick Springfield in person! And my vinyl will get signed! And OMG! The show was great! Eddie Money looks haggard and Loverboy lost the crowd a little bit. Rick was wonderful and looks amazing given his almost Medicare age! I loved the mash up he did of all his hit songs!

After the show, we meet Michelle and T-Bone and follow the leader back stage. We have our guitar and out walked Rick Springfield, in jeans and chucks, just a regular guy 🙂

This wasn’t like last time where it was a quickie picture and move on please, we actually got to talk with him for a bit. He signed my guitar, my album and told me to kick ass, Chrysee got her kiss on the cheek and Tracy had a laughable conversation with him!

me and rick with peace sign


me and rick close hug


me and rick with guitar

all of us

After our Rick moment Chrysee and Tracy deleriously walked back to the car, me limping behind them as my feet were really hurting. We are just so excited and wound up and still can’t believe the generosity of Michelle and T-Bone.

Back at the room, we’re singing and dancing and upset the guy in the room next to us. Sorry dude!  I soak my feet  and somehow we fall asleep dreaming of Rick Springfield. 🙂


” Isn’t it cool when the days that are supposed to feel good, actually do?”  Jim Carrey