Summer is the best time to get Pneumonia… NOT!! #46


While I was in D.C I got a cold. I got better once I returned home so I had a week of chemo and then it was time for my PET/CT. Got my results and the biggest change was my left lower and middle lobes of my lung were consolidated. The Blood Guy said I had pneumonia! Really? I haven’t been coughing or feverish or anything. My O2 sats have been high, not breathing hard, NOTHING! But, neeedless to say when I started antibiotics up came that junk!

It took 2 cycles of antibiotics while getting chemo to get rid of it. My cell counts have been great so why not get chemo right?

My PET/CT was in late June and a mixed bag in response to chemo. I have 3 new but small lesions in my pelvis. They glow pretty bright but still quite small with the biggest one being .12 mm. I have several lesions throughout my spine and pelvis that have not changed in SUV (glow factor), sclerosis (scarring) or size. I do have 2 large lesions in my T-6 and T-2  and my right ileum lesions have all gotten better with a lower glow factor. Thay have not changed size but I’ll take a low SUV uptake! 

My liver and kidneys look good and in my left lower and middle lobe there is consolidation/atelectatsis (pneumonia).

So, a mixed response to the new chemo Abraxane. The Blood Guy and I feel I should stay on this one another 3 months just to see how things work out.

I have really been enjoying my summer. My cell counts have been maintaining very well and I have lots of energy. I’m sleeping well, hitting the gym again and found my groove with weekly chemo. Despite the pneumonia for a few weeeks, I have been doing great!

Then WHAM!!!!



D & D with Emma watching a movie

My nephews after a long day of hiking

D & D and Kaden and Kole hiking

My nephews hiking Thomas Creek Trail again






D & D with Emma hiking

Hiking Thomas Creek Trail









chemo with my slurpee

Slurpee and Chemo – Great Combo!