The Adventures of Ben, Abe, George and Tom #60

I did not get a platelet infusion even though my platelet count dropped to 32. Normal range for platelets is 1.5 – 4,.5. Remember platelets are required for clotting, without them people with compromised immune systems (like me) are at risk for bleeding out if injured and internal bleeding. The day before my Washington D.C. adventure was a questionable one as I couldn’t pinpoint an answer from my oncology team. Sometimes miscommunictaion happens and while I really dislike it when it happens regarding my health decisions at the end of the day I do recognize we’re human and mistakes can happen.

On Saturday June 18th 2016, my sister, my 11 & 13 year old nephews and I left for Washington D.C. It was time for my annual pilgrimage to persuade our states elected officials to see things my way and this time I took D & D and Sis. Not only were we out to make memories but I needed help. All of us were very excited as this had been planned for a few months plus we had a surprise for those kids. It was a long flight there and back but well worth it. Our hotel was a 1 block walk to the National Mall and we had a pool and fridge. We couldn’t have asked for better weather with low 80’s and 50% humidity, it also rained really hard 1 day! We had a VIP tour of the Capital, got lost in the underground tunnels, crawled out a window to the Senate’s special observatory deck outside, witnessed the House of Representatives sit in and caught lightning bugs on the corner! We ate dinner in Chinatown, took the subway everyday, and enjoyed our nation’s museums! The kids even went to their first MLB Game: Baltimore Orioles vs. San Diego Padres! Believe it or not the boys actually thanked me and their Mom for making them save their money for this trip. They sure spent it well!

On Wednesday, I met with Senator Heller to discuss The Medical Debt Relief Act. I also met with other states senator and had a great conference this year with NPAF (National Patient Advocate Foundation).

The statistics: I  tried to push my nephews into the Potomac River 3 times and into the reflecting pools 5 times. I tried to sell them ONLY 38 times, threatened them with their life 12 times and watched my oldest nephew eat 1/2 a box of cereal a day 5 days of the 7 there while their mother drank an entire bottle of wine 3 of the days. I shared with her the other few days!  My youngest nephew dropped his I-phone once and I watched them drown each other nightly. I picked up dirty socks and underwear in the hotel room and sat on a urine covered toilet seat daily (why can’t boys aim?) then heard how I’m the best Auntie and Sister in the whole world ONCE! <3

Best trip ever!

Abe, Ben, George and Tom

Abe, Ben, George and Tom

Senator Heller, me and Tom

Senator Heller, me and Tom

me n kids in front of capital

me n kids in front of Capital

Dylan and butterfly

Dylan and Butterfly

Derek and butterfly

Derek and Butterfly





D & D at Natural Hx Museum

D & D at Natural Hx Museum











sis n derek traveling in style!

Sis n Derek traveling in style!