The End of Chemo Cycle Three #24

I’m exhausted and my hands and feet hurt. I really pushed myself this past weekend and I am sure paying for it. But I would do it  anytime to make memories like that again!

My hands and feet are red and raw. It feels like my blisters felt from radiation, super sensitive and burning. It hurts to walk and I can’t grasped things as easily or open them. Thankfully my week off chemo started a couple days ago, albeit early. The Blood Guy says he’s worried about toxicity and I need a break.

I saw him Wednesday morning and he told me to stop taking my daily chemo. A couple extra days will help the healing. Which is good because I leave for D.C. on Sunday. Remember that invite from April? It’s happening next week, my week off chemo. I definitley wouldn’t  be going if it wasn’t my week off. Funny how things work out.

I got my bone treatment Wednesday afternoon. My buddy Jess went with me and after we hung out on my deck. By Thursday morning I wasn’t feeling so well. I slept until 2:00, woke up, ate and 2 hours later went back to bed. I’m still pretty tired today.

When I get back from D.C. The Blood Guy wants me to call him and let him know how my hands and feet are but we’re still leaning to one more full dose cycle. The PET/CT is tentatively scheduled for 2nd week of July.

I’m gonna take a nap now, Sweet Dreams!