The News – #5

Official path report states:

Specimen A (front rib margin):Negative for metastatic carcinoma

Specimen B (9th Rib): Metastatic Grade III ductal carcinoma. Metastatic lytic lesion spreads somewhat into surrounding skeletal muscle and fat. ER+ at 95%, PR+ at 20%, Her2/neu –

Specimen C (back rib margin):Negative for malignancy

At first glance it looks like everything was negative but once we talked about the report it was clear my breast cancer had returned and spread to my rib. We both agreed the report was poorly written and The Blood Guy assured me he would express that with the pathologist. Couple other things we discussed;The Blood Guy heard from That Rib Guy about the sternum pain I experienced before surgery and saw my post surgical chest-CT. It showed an 8MM lytic lesion involving the T-10 Vertebrae that is new compared to my February 25th chest-CT.

Based on these new findings and the symptoms I have been experiencing we decided that I receive chemotherapy. The Blood Guy explained this cancer is very aggressive, much like my breast cancer was and we need to get it under control. He said he had talked with The Surgeon and asked her to get me in for a port placement and he would schedule my staging scans as well. He wanted me to rest as much as possible and he said he was proud of me. The Blood Guy took care of all of this the hour before he was to leave for vacation. I am so blessed to have a medical team I trust and I believe actually care about me. When picking them, I explained how important it was to me that our relationship be real and they must be honest with me. I believe they are and I thank them for that.

So, now I’m home. Recovery is brutal in every way imaginable. Mom helps me get up and down, one of the hardest movements to master. That and breathing. Trying to get comfortable seems never ending. Waking up in the night to take my pain meds, going to the bathroom, getting dressed, everything hurts. The pain is intense and universal.  But I had so many visitors my first week home that I couldn’t focus on the pain. Lots of flowers, well wishes and food delivered 🙂 Thank you all so much for the love and support! <3

I had only been home 2 days when The Surgeon called and wanted to chat about a port placement. First she apologized this was happening again and was so shocked when The Blood Guy called her. I have run into The Surgeon at wine tasting events and consider her a friend now. She had a date in mind Friday, April 4th, only 10 days after my rib was removed. I was surprised it was going to be done so soon, i thought I had more time to heal before we started chemo…. at least a month. But The Surgeon said The Blood Guy indicated we needed to get started right away. Unfortunately, she didn’t know what kind of treatment I was to receive. I figured I would get one of the Bisphosphonates (a drug to help diseased bones get stronger and not allow cancer cells to bind to them) but that is a once a month infusion and I think my veins could handle that. So, even though I agreed to get the port placed on 04/04, I really wanted to know what The Blood Guy had in mind for treatment. I don’t want a port for once a month treatment but if I’m looking at something more, then ok, I get it. I called The Blood Guy’s office and spoke with his sidekick. She said there were notes about weekly Abraxane treatments.

OKAY, so now I feel better about getting a port. My body is still very sore and I had my post-op follow up with That Rib Guy on April 3rd. He said I was moving right along with healing and my pain is very normal. We did extend my recovery period by another week and I don’t have to be back to the office until 04/14 (I definitely needed the extra time but am now super concerned with bills) He said this type of recovery is 1 step forward then 2 steps back. And boy did that happen when I fell later that day! OMG! I lost my balance getting into my cozies and caught myself thus causing my left side to fold like an accordion. HOLY SHIT! I cried out so loud and so hard. I was really sore after that and just laid in bed for a day until 1:00 PM on Friday April 4th when my port was scheduled for placement.