The Past 4 Weeks #41

I went to my Rick Springfield concert in Napa and had the best time! Tracy and Chrysee made special t-shirts representing the hit song off of his acoustic album,  ‘ If Wishes Were Fishes’. The venue was fabulous, very intamate and sounded great! Of course with Tracy’s deligence we were able to meet Rick (again) having pictures taken and completing autographs.


If wishes were fishes









My sister’s 40th Birthday party went well and she was really surprised with the family! It was great seeing all of them and her special day couldn’t have happened without them being here.

Before my new chemo started Nicole colored my hair red! We thought it would be fun to do something crazy since it’s gonna fall out soon anyway.

red hair 1






April 8th came quickly. I hadn’t slept much the few nights before. Jess went with me to my first treatment. A cycle (or round) for me is 2 weeks on, 1 week off. The infusion was about 3 hours total including blood work. I also get an anti-emetic called Aloxi which lasts for about 3 days.

The night of my first treatment was tough. I had horrible nightsweats, something I expected and have experiened before. Fortunately, I have a big bed and after changing my jammies I can simply rest on the other side of the bed. The next day Megs helped me change my sheets as I was feeling quite fatigued. Treatment was on a Wednesday and by Thursday night, I was down. I went to bed and fell asleep at 7:30 Thursday night, slept until 2:17 the next day. Woke up, PB&J, a big water and back to sleep until 8:30. Then some soup and water and back to sleep until 11:30 Saturday morning. I felt pretty good after so much sleep!

Second treatment was scheduled on Thursday April 16th. I saw The Blood Guy 2 days before and my ANC (Absolute Neutrophil Count) was 1.8. Platelets, red and white blood cells all come from bone marrow which makes the neutrophil cells. Let me put this into perspective, During Xeloda, my ANC generally hovered around 4.0 -4.8. That was great considering I was on daily chemo. Xeloda was not as myelo-suppresive. Now Abraxane is hence, sleeping for nearly 36 hours. My ANC was probably really low during that time. My appointment with The Blood Guy we discussed this and the possiblity of needing the Neulasta shot after my second infusion.

I got my second Abraxane infusion on Thursday April 16th. I didn’t have night sweats that night and actually up until this past Monday felt pretty good. I’ve had low energy and a runny nose and I’m not very hungry but all and all not too bad. Monday I started to feel bad. My body just hurts. My bones, my muscles and moving them hurts even more. At my appointment yesterday my ANC was 2.8, 7 days after treatment. So better than expected! I’m scheduled for treatment on Monday April 27th with a CBC and CMP, I should be ok.

I have started taking Celebrex to help with my hip and bone pain. I still have not been able to see an orthopaedic specialist. It’s rediculous really there isn’t a single ortho specialist in northern nevada that accepts my type of insurance. So I have contacted my state insurance commisioner about it.

My trip to New York is planned and I’m leaving next weekend. I’m very excited! I also have a patient advocacy seminar in Portland and I’ll be in L.A. middle of May for the Amgen Breakaway Cancer Champion ceremony. I am one of the 10 national recipients and truly honored to accept this special award. 🙂