Top Of The World #62

Last post I talked about my fears of having a liver biopsy… so let me tell you it really wasn’t that bad. First I’d like to thank everyone for the well wishes, prayers and heartfelt thoughts. Next my very dear friends Meghan and Becca were with me throughout the day so I was in capabale hands should any complications happen. Which they didn’t!

Megs picked me up before god wakes up, got to Renown and were ushered with another group of people to a pre-surgery holding. Got into my gown and covered with blankets. Before I knew it I was being wheeled to the surgery suite. Spoke with a nurse or two and then the Interventional Radiologist. He explained what was going to happen. I expressed my fear and utter disdain for needles. He said I’ll feel the poke of the local numbing but that’s about it. He was also going to give me something to relax and forget. 1 mg of Dilaudid and 2 of Versed later…. I don’t really remember much after that. Megs said the nurse said I may hear a click, I don’t remember that or hearing a click either. HA! I remember giving my friend a good bye kiss, telling her I loved her and that is it!

I woke up crying. Not from pain but more from fear. I didn’t want to be alone. The nurse stayed with me until another one brought Becca to me. I just held her hand and fell back to sleep for a couple hours. Then I was starving and ready to go home. So Becca drove and we stopped and got soup and sandwhiches. Got back to my house, inhaled our food and I passed out again until 6:30 when Becca woke me up to tell me she had to go home. She stayed all day at my house! While I slept, she still stayed! I love her and Megs so much and am so glad they were there to help me. I woke up the next day with my sister and Jolie there. I was a little sore but nothing too bad… honestly I’ve felt worse pain so all in all it wasn’t so bad.

A week later I get my pathology results:  ER/PR +, Her2 -. No change in my receptor status. The Blood Guy and I thought for sure my receptor status had changed given how badly Ibrance failed, but nope, Still the same! So given me current chemo treatment Gemcitabine/Carboplatin is shrinking my liver mets and SLOOOOWLY helping my bone mets, I’m staying on it. I have moved to a week on, week off chemo schedule and I love it! It gives me a week off with no shots, no bone treatment and no needles and I get to have some energy to do fun things! WOOHOO! We’ve also done a new thing from Guardent 360 called a liquid biopsy. It’s a DNA mutation test to help determine what chemotherapy agent may or may not work. It’s one more test I think is important to have in my arsenal and thankfully The Blood Guy is on board as well. I’ll get those results in a couple weeks.

Things have been moving right along… my pain is controlled, I get chemo, I sleep for 2 days right after chemo treatment (still 10-12 hours a night during my weeks off chemo) and then start to build up my energy levels again. I’m eating more again, doing my juicing and protein shakes and running in the pool a little bit here n there. I get to do fun things like hang with my Mom n Billy when they came to town, going to the Hot August Nights events and dancing!

I also went to a concert to see a band I’ve wanted to see for the longest time – The Dixie Chicks! Months ago I heard they were gonna be in Wheatland, Ca Toyota Amphitheatre, really just over the hill from us. BUT, I couldn’t do this with just any one. I’ve only ever wanted to go with my long time friend Mandy. She and I worked together years ago and would belt out the Chicks songs. We even blew out her speakers once in her convertable Mistubishi Spider listening to them! We got tickets and a room and started our adventure! We sang ALL of their songs on the 3 hour drive, sang while putting our make up on and sang while be stuck in traffic enroute to the outdoor venue (btw – it is a beautiful venue!). We had so much fun and I’m so glad we went! I wouldn’t have done it without Mandy and being with her at this concert has filled a hole in my heart that only she could fill.

One of our favorite songs is called: Top of the World. It’s about a man who has past away and he’s looking back on his life and wishing he’d done things differently. There’s one line in the song I’m particularly attached too –  ” she’s never gonna fly to the top of the world right now.” I cried when The Chicks sang this song because when I’m having a bad day either pain wise or emotionally or I’m pissed off because why did I have to get terminal cancer?… I sometimes feel stuck.  But then I get over my pity party and know, for me, it could be much worse. Even with newly discovered diffuse liver mets and bone mets that quite frankly aren’t going away and not responding well to treatment…. I already feel I’m at my top of the world. I’m so grateful for my family and friends and the opportunities I have been given, even with this stupid disease, I know that right now it could be worse. I’m gonna be at the Top for a long time, I promise you that.

Hot August Nights

America Concert at Hot August Nights

me n mandy

Just before The Dixie Chicks went on stage! We’re clearly not excited!

mandy n I before concert

Getting to the venue!