Washington D.C. and NPAF #45

Before I left for D.C., Donna My NPAF contact, called asking if there was anyone I could bring with me. They offered to pay for the ticket and room. She explained they were worried about my health and pushing myself too much and wanted a family memeber to be there just in case. I graciously thanked her and said I’ll find someone. ANNNDDDD of course NO ONE could go. Not my mom, my sister, my friend Jess, my Unkie, Michelle just went with me to L.A., my buddy Brian……no one could go.

I explained this to Donna and promised her I’ll stay hydrated (as it was going to be 100 degrees again), get my rest and no pushing myself.

I left on Tuesday June 9th for the very long day of travel to our nations capitol. The evening before the start of the of the cenference I get an email for Debbie Haines from Soapbox (the company that sets up our meetings with elected officials) I read it and think Donna must have made a mistake assuming my mom could come to D.C. I don’t think much of it after that. Next day is the start of the meeting and mom is blowing up my phone… what are you wearing? what are you doing right now? where are you? MOM, I’m busy networking! She then says she needs to talk to me. I sneak out and call, “what’s wrong?”. “oh nothing, what room are you in?” *big sigh* “Mom, we’re not in the same hotel as last year, wait what? Why are you asking me that….. ARE HERE?!?!”  and she was. LOL!

NPAF had paid for her to be there because they were concnerned about me pushing myself and getting dehydrated etc. They wanted someone there just in case. Cool! I get to hang out with Mom again in D.C. which explains why I got the email about her meetings, she’s going with us to Capitol Hill!

Next day, we do our thing meeting elected officials and staff. This was only a 2 day meeting and that night we have a very nice dinner planned and volunteers are recognized. Several volunteers were recognized that evening. I learned that NPAf had nominated 4 others individuals for the Amgen Breakaway From Cancer Champion award. And then Donna gets up and is ready to talk about the p;erson who will recieve their highest recognition: Outstanding Courage and Dedication in Patient Advocacy.

Donna proceeds to describe this person as someone who schedules their treatments around advocacy events, is stong and caring, kind and yet severely determind…. I’m listening intently thinking Gosh, this person really does a lot. Then I learn she was talking about me. :’)

See, I think I can do more. It was such a suprise to hear that what I do do, is enough and the organizations I volunteer for appreciate it.

So now I really know why Mom was there! LOL!!

me and Mackenzie Bennett me and mom in front of capitol me, Ian and Tom my award