Zometa, The Day After #13

So, I got my Zometa treatment late afternoon Wednesday and woke up Thursday morning feeling like ass. My hair hurt, my body ached, I had bone pain and a nice little fever of 100.4°. Good times!!

I called Jennifer because I knew she had to drive by my house on her way to work. Mom was still out at Shauna’s house taking care of her. Jen found me on the bathroom floor dry-heaving and guess what?   MY NEWLY SEWN RIBS WORK JUST FINE!!! Who’d have thunk! I was so scared it was gonna hurt and it didn’t, nope it felt like normal dry-heaves! HA HA!

Mom left Shauna to stay with me (sorry sis) and needless to say through out the day my fever waxed and waned between 100.2° and 102.5° at 2:30 in the morning. Today, Friday, I woke up just drenched. Sweat dripping off me as if I had just been running (i miss those days…) but with a temp of 98.9 I’m guessing my fever broke. I feel so much better today! But my Xeloda will not be on my doorstep until Tuesday due to mail-order pharmacy mix up. This is a bummer because Mom leaves Tuesday and we wanted to see how my body would initially react to the chemo in case I needed her.

All will be ok. I’ll have a little chat with my body, explain what’s going to happen and how we have to be tough again. We’ve done this once before and she took care of me then just like those 37 years I took care of her. No worries, We’ve got this!