Back to Work… for a Couple Days #14

On Monday 04/21, I went back to work after being on medical leave for a month. I have never been on medical leave before so being off of work for a month is completely foreign to me. I had 621 emails, 6 telephone messages and a handful of sticky notes waiting for me! I have to give props to my girls Betty and Stephanie for doing a great job on keeping the department running. And I’d also like to Thank our Leadership Team at South Meadows for helping the girls with odd issues that may have popped up.

I was at work when DIplomat Pharmacy called wanting to schedule the delivery of my Xeloda. I received the box with the bottle of 112 pills on Tuesday.

Sadly, Mom had to go back to Iowa. I dropped her off at the airport on my way to work. We thought I would have at least started chemo while she was here after we extended her trip 2 more weeks and of course I start chemo the day after she leaves. She knows that regardless if she was here or not, I still may experience some serious side effects until my oncologist and I can find my special cocktail. But having Mom here would have helped me deal with those side effects much more easily. I love you Mom and I promise everything will be okay.